Promotional voice over, or "promo" for short, refers to anything that "promotes" a product, a service, an image, or a broadcast program. Promos are different than commercials, as typically the product or service being promoted is not retail oriented, and are usually longer in length. Companies use promos on You Tube or their own websites. NBC and the other broadcast networks use promos to get people to watch upcoming episodes of a TV show. Depending on the subject matter, a promo doesn't always need a voice over. But if yours does, keep in mind not all voice talent can do promo voice over. You need a talent that can convey the sense of urgency the product or service demands. If it's an image promo you need a talent who can emote the kind of tone it deserves. 

Keith Michaels is very versatile and experienced with promo voice over, whether it's a trailer for a TV movie, product promo for a corporation, or an image promo for a country's tourism campaign.


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