Does using Social Media to market your VO business really work?

June 7, 2017

More often than not, many of the sales and marketing blogs and articles I read these days tend to incorporate some element of chastising if I am not using social media to market my business. I was never a guy who jumped on the social media train. In my limited time using social media, I wasted it with mundane arguments about global warming or heated discussions about why "Sons of Anarchy" was the best show. Ever. I do have a Facebook account, but only because I want to follow VO groups. I used to have Twitter, but for my own personal health and well-being, I deleted it. Too many people with ignorant things to say, makes Keith Michaels an angry guy. I tried Google Plus but never understood how to use it properly. Linkedin is the only platform that I have stuck with. And maybe because it doesn't feel like social media to me. It's a business to business networking site. But even so, I still don't know the value Linkedin brings to my business. 

And that's just it.

All of the work I have done on my Linkedin page, has earned me the title "Profile Expert" from Linkedin. Yet, out of the last 100 profile views, 96 were from voice actors. Now granted, I don't use Linkedin to advertise. So that doesn't help to serve my argument. But I have been using Linkedin since 2009, and not once have I ever received an inquiry from a potential client about my voice over services. And yes, I understand I am using Linkedin for free and not taking advantage of its full potential. But even if I did, I don't think I would come anywhere close to the return on investment that I have received from other traditional marketing avenues.

When I see the 100th blog or Linkedin post touting "7 reasons to use social media to build your business," I get annoyed. I read the tips, but still don't get it. Is it just me? Am I the only guy left standing who isn't playing the social media game? Maybe I don't know how to play the game.


And then I wonder, why is the guy posting this giving away the secrets of his success to his competitors? 

Social Media was supposed to change the way business was conducted. And it has for some industries. But casting directors are still using online voiceover platforms and agents for auditions now more than ever. And just because I might have a great social media presence and people like what I have to say, that doesn't get me a voice over job. My voice and performance does. Right? And the last time I checked, twitter didn't allow for voice tweets. So why invest the time to maintain a Twitter or Facebook account when nothing will be gained from it except lost productivity? Or, am I just not seeing the big picture? Am I missing out on a whole new World of opportunity? How has social media helped your bottom line?

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